Nokia developer program

Last March, I enrolled in the Windows Phone Developer Program. On the past MWC in Barcelona, I met a representative of Nokia who informed me about the program. In exchange of 2 applications for WPhone developed within 3 months, the developers will get a Nokia Lumia 800. Not bad :-).


After successfully applying for the program, I finally published some applications for Windows Phone. Those are my series of Intense Languages: Intense Esperanto, Intense German, Intense Dutch, Intense Spanish, Intense Chinese and Intense Latin.


My experience developing for WPhone can be qualified as positive. Despite the obligation of developing under Windows (which in my case means that I need to install a virtual machine), the set of tools provided by Microsoft are smooth, easy to use and very intuitive. Having a little bit of experience with previous versions of Visual Studio, the adaptation to the WPhone SDK couldn’t have been easier. And besides the well-known first stages curve to publish in Market (when independent developers can really make money), seems that the ecosystem of applications is still very little in comparison with other well stablished markets (Android Market and AppleStore mainly).


Stay tuned for further updates.

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