Swipeable-cards, a library to provide Tinder-like cards for Android

Swipeable-cards is a native library for Android that provide a Tinder card like effect. A card can be constructed using an image and displayed with animation effects, dismiss-to-like and dismiss-to-unlike, and use different sorting mechanisms.

The library is compatible for Android versions 3.0 (API Level 11) and upwards.

A library and a sample application are provided with the code.




Download the library with git and import it into your project (right now there is only Gradle support, so you need to import it writing in your build.gradle the following:

 compile project(':AndTinder')

and in your settings.gradle

include ‘AndTinder’
When you have included the library in your project, you need to proceeed as follows. First, create a container to store the cards.

<com.andtinder.view.CardContainer xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
    android:layout_height="fill_parent" />

From your Activity, inflate into a CardContainer the container you declared in your XML

mCardContainer = (CardContainer) findViewById(R.id.layoutview);

The card container can sort the cards either ordered or disordered:


Now you need to create your cards. The procedure is quite simple: you just need to create an object CardView and provide the image resource you want to add:

CardView card = new CardView(mCardContainer,new CardModel(R.drawable.picture1));

Additionally, you can set up a Delegate to be notified when the image is being liked or disliked:

 card.setOnCardDimissedDelegate(new CardView.OnCardDimissedDelegate() {
        public void onLike(CardView cardView) {
            Log.d("AndTinder", "I liked it");

        public void onDislike(CardView cardView) {
            Log.d("AndTinder", "I did not liked it");

Finally, add the cards to the container:


There are many things that can be done with this library.

* Allow custom templates
* Extend image personalization options
* Recreate the container when it has been emptied

If you want to colaborate with the project or have any idea to be implemented feel free to submit a pull request or to write an issue!

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  1. I used your library. But i don’t know how i get the last card from the package. When they are no more cards to swipe i wanna destroy the fragment with the cardContainer.

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