Language Assistant program for Android

For a long time, I used to manage the different language files in Android manually. This is an incredible boring task when our program is growing and getting more complex, since the only way to compare tokens is doing it one by one, and is an error-prone task.

This program is an extension to a similar program developed by my colleague Eugenio Marchiori at the e-UCM group. The program compares all the tokens between two different languages, assigning different codes depending if the token is missing in one language, or it is has been created. The task of creating new language files is also very easy, since they can be created using a full version as reference.

The program can be downloaded from this link. In the first screen, the parent folder of an Android project has to be selected. After that, you just can edit your language files!

UPDATE: Now the application has been released as a GPL application. You can download it from the Google Code repository.

Language Assistant for Android

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