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I am a Software Engineer, focused on Mobile Development. I have strong experience with Android and iOS, but also with Windows Phone, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson SDK. Intensive experience also with Google GWT and Java/J2EE Backend (Hibernate, Spring, Struts).

I have developed a few interesting projects by myself, like StackBlur for Android, cvBlob for Android, my Sentimental Analyzer and AppRate for Android. You can check my blog for a few more articles.

I have been teaching at the Master in Game Development of the University of Alcalá, and some other courses for companies under demand.

I review technical manuscripts for publishers and for private companies (ensure source code compliance, bug hunting, testing)

I have been presenting at some conferences (AndDevCon 2013 in San Francisco, CebiT in 2011 in Hannover, Romobos in 2013 Cluj Napoca…). I regularly conduct Hangouts with GDG Barcelona and GDG München.

I am a member of GDG Barcelona and GDG München.

Curious for AI techniques and machine learning. Experience with Alive!, Ekione and Google Predict API. Beginning now with Big Data analysis.

In my free time, I’m a compulsive linguistic. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, English and German, and basic French and Danish. I speak also Esperanto, and I have created the application Intense Esperanto for Android.

My Android Market account.

My AppStore account

My Windows Market account

My Blackberry AppWorld account

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  1. He visto tu anuncio en InfoJobs Freelance y necesitaría contactar contigo para comentar un proyecto de Android / IOS contigo.
    Mi telf. es 607321287
    Recibe un saludo

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